Yoga Therapy

Do you have health considerations that are preventing you from attending yoga classes, but you would like to access yoga’s restorative powers? Yoga Therapy could be a suitable alternative for you.

Yoga Therapy uses all of the tools of yoga in an adaptive way to make it both accessible and specifically targeted for those with health considerations. It utilises all of the usual yoga practices, including, physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation exercises and meditation in a prescribed way to enhance the natural healing powers of each individual.

Yoga Therapy embraces these holistic practices to empower each individual to improve their own health and promote homeostasis at a physical, mental and emotional level, thus restoring the mind / body balance.

There are a number of health concerns that may benefit from yoga therapy. The NHS Directory of Complimentary and Alternative Practitioners states, “Critical research trials show that yoga therapy practices are among the most effective known methods for managing the psychosomatic, stress-related conditions, which are so common today. This is because they bridge the gap between body and mind, ranging across the whole spectrum from physical to mental. Conditions treated include asthma and COPD, hypertension and heart conditions, back pain, arthritis, hyperacidity, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, migraine and headaches, multiple sclerosis, and cancer (coping with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, rehabilitation from surgery, and reducing anxiety).*

Typically a Yoga Therapy session would begin with a one to one consultation, followed either by a specifically prescribed group practice or individual tuition. Often a home practice is also offered, enabling the practitioner to enhance their own progress, practice and health.

Here at Hatha Fusion Yoga, yoga therapist Tracy Gaillie, has experience working with a variety of healths concerns. Including adaptive practice for wheelchair users, MS, ME, Cancer, Hypertension, Asthma and Back Care programmes for the management of lower back pain. She is also able to deliver the Dr Dongaonkar sequence on request.

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